Any resident of the Northwest Territories (except sponsored persons) who is having financial difficulty obtaining food, clothing or paying rent may apply for financial assistance from the Government of the Northwest Territories. Northwest, Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Income Security Division. Call 867-766-5100

NWT Human Rights Commission P.O.
Box 1860 / Ground Floor, Laing Building / Yellowknife NT X1A 2P4
Tel. : 867-669-5575 Fax: 867-873-0357 / Toll free: 1-888-669-5575
Email:  info@nwthumanrights.ca  / Website:  www.nwthumanrights.ca

The NWT Human Rights Commission is an independent body that administers the  NWT Human Rights Act  . The Commission deals with complaints of discrimination. A person can file a complaint with the Commission if they believe they have been discriminated against, which is against  the Human Rights Act . The Commission promotes equality for all residents of the NWT through public education and community development.

Driver’s license

Upon arrival, pick up your NWT driver’s license. This will make certain procedures easier for you because several authorities will ask you for your NWT driver’s license as proof of identity. For more information call (867) 873-7406, or inquire at:

Yellowknife: Driver and Vehicle Licensing /5003-49th Street / Phone: (867) 873-7487

Inuvik: Video Effects / 167 Mackenzie Road / Phone: (867) 678-2616

Hay River: Norland Agencies / 105 – 62 Woodland Drive / Phone: (867) 874-2101

Fort Smith: Department of Public Works and Services / 199 McDougal Drive / Phone: (867) 872-4132