Some steps must be taken immediately

Get your social insurance number

First of all, know that to work in Canada, you will need to obtain a social insurance number. This number will allow you, among other things, to apply for a job in the NWT. You can request it as soon as you arrive at the office of:

Service Canada

5101 50th  Avenue (Franklin Street), Yellowknife

Enroll in the NWT Health Insurance Plan

To receive free territorial health care, you must obtain your NWT health card. However, a period of three months is required. Apply as soon as you arrive as applying for health insurance in the NWT can take a few months. If you have coverage from another Canadian province, you will have to see with their respective government authorities for how long you are covered outside of this province. In Yellowknife, you can get a form and information at:

For all health information, contact the Réseau TNO Santé en français at 867-920-2929/ext. 261.

Open a bank account

It is recommended to open a bank account upon arrival. You must have your passport, social insurance number and official documents with you when you open a bank account.

Please note: in Canada, all banking operations are chargeable. Therefore, a check pays off, using one’s ATM card pays off, whether for purchases or withdrawals. In return, many services are generally free. It is possible to pay a monthly lump sum including a set of operations, which is often more economical. Some banks offer this plan for free up to a certain number of transactions, provided that a minimum amount ($1,000) is in the account. Also note that consultation and banking services by Internet or by telephone are free.