Who are we ?

We assist French-speaking newcomers in a minority situation to overcome the stress of adapting to Canada and to facilitate their cultural and social integration into Canadian society.

This service is offered to new French-speaking immigrants in their first five years of permanent residence in Canada.

The Center d’Accueil – Francophone Immigration is a service of the Fédération Franco-Ténoise based in Yellowknife. We offer a variety of projects in the areas of promoting immigration and its diversity, as well as socio-cultural and economic integration, etc. Our goal is to facilitate the community and social integration of Francophones of immigrant origin who have settled in Yellowknife.


  • Promote cultural diversity, ensure the development and fulfillment of new immigrants who have come to settle in our community;
  • Organize intercultural exchanges and promote rapprochement between members of the host society and Francophone immigrant communities;
  • Develop activities that encourage the active participation of new immigrants within the Francophone community.